Attaching The Dental Loupes On Your Glasses

Attaching The Dental Loupes On Your Glasses

One of the significant problems which can come with dental loupes is their ability to be attached to prescription glasses. We understood this commonly faced problem by dentists and dental professionals all over the world and designed our loupes to fit on prescription glasses seamlessly.
If you are someone who wears prescription glasses, we have a piece of excellent news for you. You can now seamlessly incorporate our flip-down dental loupes with your prescription glasses in a few simple steps.
Our flip-down loupe lenses, which come with a frame also include all of the tools you will need to attach your dental loupes to your prescription glasses. All of our dental loupes can be clipped to your prescription glasses.

Follow these steps to clip dental loupes to your glasses!

Step 1- Once you receive your dental loupes from Dental Accessories, you will see that the loupe lenses are attached to a standard frame. So, the first thing you do is gently push the lenses attachment downwards through the hinge.

Step 2- After you have pulled the lenses down, you will notice two screws. Use the tool provided with your loupes to unscrew both the screws and pull them out to remove the lenses.

Step 3- Now, all our loupes come with a clip. You will need to find the clip provided to you in the set. The clip is made of firm material and opens and locks freely. Use four fingers to attach the clip to your prescription glasses to secure the lenses.

Step 4- Now, you have to secure the lenses to the clip. You will see that you are provided with additional screws with the clip. Use the tool to screw the magnification to the two holes in the clip. You can easily attach the headlight to the clip as well.
Next, all you need to do is adjust the interpupillary distance and magnifications according to your needs, and you are good to operate. Assure that you have properly secured your glasses and your loupes to ensure maximum comfort while doing your procedures.
Once you are done, you can safely remove your clip-on dental loupes and place them back in the box.

You can find four standard loupe sets on our Dental Accessories website - Pro set, Student set, Hygienist set and Black set.

All of these come with an easy clip attachment which makes securing headlight and magnification to your prescription lenses exceptionally seamless.

Apart from this, you can also customize your loupes and even order headlights and filter separately. In addition, you can now also get your hands on our branded aluminium hard case, which is specifically designed to encase your headlights and loupes.

Our hard aluminium case is fully compatible with the Pro, Student, Hygienist, and Black set.