ImplantMaster™ Kit - Ultimate Implant Bundle
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ImplantMaster™ Kit - Ultimate Implant Bundle

ImplantMaster™ Kit - Ultimate Implant Bundle

Get on top of your prosthetic needs. 
The ImplantMaster™ Kit, with TorqueBox™, TorqueX™, and ExtractBox™ - The total solution.


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The TorqueBox™ Universal Implant Prosthetic Kit contains a screwdriver and torque wrench set which can manage any clinical or prosthetic screws for all implant brands, ensuring they are tightened to the precise value.

This kit is of high quality and top durability, made with medical grade stainless steel that won't deform under long-term use.

135°C Autoclavable, the box can also be sterilized.
This prosthetic kit is universal and includes 1 adjustable torque wrench, 8 short screwdrivers, and 8 long screwdrivers.

Torque Wrench:10-70Ncm
Short drivers: 8.5mm
Long drivers: 13.5mm
Medical Grade Stainless Steel

The ImplantMaster™ Kit, Your All-In-One Game-Changer

The ImplantMaster™ Kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for all your dental implant prosthetic needs. This comprehensive bundle includes three exceptional products: the TorqueBox™ - Universal Implant Prosthetic Kit, the TorqueX™ - Universal Torque Wrench and the ExtractBox™ - Implant Screw Removal Kit.
The TorqueBox™ provides a comprehensive set of prosthetic components for dental implants, with a wide range of sizes and shapes that can be adapted to fit the unique needs of each patient. Its high-quality design ensures durability and reliability while providing you with maximum flexibility. The TorqueX™ simplifies the implant placement process by delivering precise and reliable torque control, ensuring accuracy with every procedure you perform. Lastly, the ExtractBox™ makes it easy to remove damaged or broken screws without causing any damage to surrounding tissue.

Remove the stress of having to continuously adjust your implant rehabilitation protocol for different implant brands.

Eliminate the complexity and stress associated with adapting your implant rehabilitation protocol for different implant brands. The ImplantMaster™ Kit is a comprehensive, universally compatible solution designed to harmonize with all major implant systems. This bundle, encompassing the TorqueBox™, TorqueX™, and ExtractBox™, enables a more streamlined, efficient, and consistent approach to your implant procedures. Embrace the ease of a single, versatile toolkit that supports your professional excellence in implant dentistry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Anthony F.

TorqueBox™ has different drivers for every implant I've ever encountered, it's nice to have it all in one place.

TorqueBox™ comes with a torque wrench and also a thumb driver, so you can use it on any implant. If an implant ever comes to your practice and you don't have the proper driver for it, then you're in trouble. With this kit though, you have access to close to seven hundred different brands of implants that are available out there. It's incredibly useful.

It's too time-consuming to go through all of the drivers one by one in search of a match. TorqueBox™ is ideal for me since it makes things so much easier.

Dr. John A.

TorqueBox™ has simplified the process of working with prosthetic implants. I couldn't recommend it more.

Dr. Kim C.

Dr. Peter M.

ExtractBox™ Is A Must-Have for Implant Restorations.

I waited to use the kit before reviewing it, as I needed to remove a broken screw from a Strauman bone level RN. To my surprise, the screw was removed within 2 minutes! If you perform implant restorations, this kit is a must-have. Additionally, the customer service was fantastic and kept me informed about my delivery status. Thank you!

I recently had the opportunity to use the ExtractBox™ - Screw Removal Kit on a patient who had a broken screw. I was nervous at first, but the process was so effortless and straightforward. The kit has all the tools you need to remove the screw quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend this product.

Dr. Henry C.

The kit is reliable, effective, and easy to use. I've had multiple successful screw removals using this product, and I've recommended it to my colleagues as well. If you're looking for a high-quality implant screw removal kit, look no further than ExtractBox™.

Dr. Lizabeth W.

Dr. John W.

I find it much easier to rehabilitate implants with TorqueX™

TorqueX™ arrived in the mail 10 days ago, and I could not be happier. It is an excellent tool for my practice as it helps to simplify the process of working with every implant brand. In addition, before TorqueX™, I would get very stressed trying to take impressions on patients who had either narrow mouths or implants that were excessively angled. Now however, those problems are a thing of the past!

With TorqueX™, working with patients who can't open their mouth so wide is no longer an issue. TorqueX™ has been incredibly helpful and worth the money!

Dr. Alen S.

It has revolutionized the way I work with prosthetic implants.
I highly recommend TorqueX™.

Dr. Karen P.