HyperLight™ - Worlds #1 Portable X-Ray System

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Discover the Ultimate X-Ray Breakthrough

Tired of wrestling with outdated, wall-mounted X-ray machines?

You’re not alone.

These relics complicate procedures, introduce inefficiencies in your patient care, and can unsettle your patients when the technician exits to stand behind a protective barrier.

It's time for a change...

HyperLight, the world’s premier portable X-ray system, is here to obliterate the old guard.

With its state-of-the-art technology, you’ll deliver sharper, safer, and more efficient dental care than ever before.

Why HyperLight™ is Your Dental Practice Game-Changer

Despite its compact size, HyperLight packs a powerful punch, delivering unparalleled precision and safety in every shot.

Precision Imaging

Achieve sharp, high-resolution images thanks to a 0.4mm focal spot, making every detail crystal clear.

Intuitive Design

An intuitive user interface simplifies the operation, seamlessly integrating with our NanoPix Intraoral Sensors for optimal results.

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Advanced Safety Measures

Built-in double leaded shield and an included backscatter radiation shield protect the operator from leakage radiation, coupled with a locking system to prevent unintentional exposure.

Unparalleled Portability

Weighing just 4.0 lbs, its compact size allows for comfortable one-hand operation, making it a versatile tool for any dental practice.


FDA Approved with Low Patient Dosage

Prioritize your patients' health with HyperLight, an FDA-approved system designed to minimize patient exposure while delivering superior diagnostic results.

How To Use

An intuitive user interface simplifies the operation, seamlessly integrating with our NanoPix Intraoral Sensors for optimal results.

With every purchase comes our guarantee of quality, warranty, and unmatched customer support


Hear It from the Experts: Dentists Share Their Experiences with HyperLight


Dr. Jonathan H.

Switching to HyperLight was a game-changer for my practice. The ease of use and the clarity of the images it produces are second to none. My patients have noticed the difference, and that's what matters most to me. Highly recommend this to any dental professional looking to upgrade their equipment.


Dr. Michael T.

I was initially skeptical about the portability feature, thinking it might compromise on quality, but HyperLight proved me wrong. The safety features are top-notch, and I've been able to use it in situations where my traditional unit would have been impractical. This is innovation at its finest.


Dr. Alex S.

From the moment I integrated HyperLight into my clinic, the feedback from my staff and patients has been overwhelmingly positive. Its compact size belies its powerful capabilities. Plus, the customer service has been exceptional. It's refreshing to see a company that stands firmly behind its product.


Dr. Benjamin C.

I've been a dentist for over 20 years, and it's not often a product comes along that genuinely excites me. HyperLight has made my job easier and more efficient. The image resolution is phenomenal, and its portability means I can offer better service to my patients. It's a win-win.


Dr. Christopher L.

HyperLight is a remarkable tool that has significantly improved the diagnostic process in our clinic. Its user interface is intuitive, making training my staff a breeze. Also, the battery life is impressive; we can get through a busy day on a single charge. This is by far the best investment I've made for my practice.


Dr. Ethan R.

As a dentist who specializes in pediatric care, the safety and comfort of my young patients are my top priorities. HyperLight's low radiation exposure and quick imaging have made dental visits less intimidating for kids. Seeing their relieved smiles after a quick x-ray session is priceless. Kudos to HyperLight for creating such an impactful device.

Showcasing Precision: A Gallery of Dental Cases Captured with HyperLight™

Real Results. Real Practices.

HyperLight - Portable X-Ray System
HyperLight - Portable X-Ray System

HyperLight - Portable X-Ray System


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Unparalleled Portability & Efficiency: Experience the freedom of the HyperLight Portable X-Ray System, the ultimate solution for modern dentistry. Weighing just 1.8kg, its compact design allows for easy one-handed operation, making it perfect for any dental setting.

Crystal Clear Imaging: Equipped with a 0.4mm focal spot, HyperLight delivers sharp, high-resolution images, ensuring precise diagnostics and patient care.

Advanced Safety Features: Designed with your safety in mind, HyperLight includes a built-in double leaded shield and a backscatter radiation shield to protect operators from leakage radiation, alongside a locking system to prevent unintentional exposure.

Seamless Integration: Perfectly compatible with our NanoPix Intraoral Sensors, HyperLight enhances your diagnostic capabilities with intuitive operation and exceptional image quality.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: With a robust 2500mAh battery capable of 500 x-ray shots on a single charge, HyperLight ensures you're always ready to provide top-tier dental care without the downtime.

Official Distributor Guarantee: Purchase with confidence directly from us to ensure you receive the original HyperLight system complete with a full 1-year warranty and dedicated support.

FDA Approved with Low Patient Dosage: Prioritize your patients' health with HyperLight, an FDA-approved system designed to minimize patient exposure while delivering superior diagnostic results.

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11,294+ Satisfied Dental Professionals

"The image quality is nothing short of revolutionary. The clarity and detail it provides have made diagnosis more accurate than ever, allowing me to detect issues I might have missed with traditional equipment. This has directly translated into better patient outcomes and has significantly increased the trust my patients place in my care."

Genuine Reviews from HyperLight Users

I've never been more pleased with a dental X-ray system. HyperLight has not only made my workflow smoother but also elevated the patient experience in my practice. Its lightweight design is just the cherry on top. This device is a testament to where dental technology should be heading.

Dr. Oliver Martinez, DDS

Efficiency in dental care is paramount, and HyperLight delivers on this front beyond my expectations. The detail in the images it produces has drastically reduced our need for retakes, saving time and reducing patient exposure to radiation. It's an indispensable part of our clinic now.

Dr. Henry Ford, DMD

Adopting HyperLight into our dental practice was a decision driven by the need for innovation and improved patient care. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Its portability allows us to be more dynamic in our approach to patient care, and the quality of the X-ray images is unmatched. An absolute must-have for any dental professional.

Dr. Lucas Graham, DDS

Technical Specifications

Focal Spot: 0.4mm
Tube Voltage: 65kV
Tube Current: 2.5mA
Weight: 4.0 lbs
Battery: 2500mAh x 4
Exposure Time Setting: 0.02-2 Sec
Charger Input: 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

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HyperLight™ - Worlds #1 Portable X-Ray System

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Ready, Aim, Innovate.

HyperLight system is designed to make dental imaging safer, clearer, and more efficient than ever before.

And don't worry...

We're not holding a gun to your head—just offering you the opportunity to aim higher and hit the mark with unparalleled precision in dental care. Feel free to reach out for more information, to see HyperLight in action, or to join the ranks of dentists transforming their practices.

Contact us at support@dentalaccessories.com or give us a call at (720) 295-2105.

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