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Interested in the newest technology, higher quality procedures, and less time in chair for both you and your patient?

Fast-Pack Pro is advanced technology intended to be used with our Fast-Fill obturation device and our E-Connect S endo motor for the ultimate wireless endodontics kit.  Fast-Pack Pro is designed to help soften the gutta percha to ensure optimal placement in the root canal.  The interface is extremely easy to use and controls a wide range of functions.  Fast-Pack Pro comes with three tips (small, medium, and large) which can be heated in seconds to as high as 300℃ by pressing the ring around the tip of the device.  Control whether you want the display to show for left or right handed use, set alarm functions, control the peak temperature, and much more.  Dental Accessories is proud to partner with Eighteeth to bring this full set of FDA-approved products to your office.


Eighteeth Obturation System

How To Use Fast Fill and Fast Pack

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