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Electric Wireless Torque Driver

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One Less Air-Driven Instrument!

We all tend to love and rely on the instruments we used during our university days.  But that’s like relying on 10+ year old golf clubs!  The technology has leapfrogged over the past few years, let alone the past few decades.  At the same time, the difference in quality and features between the equipment sold by multi-billion dollar companies and that sold by Dental Accessories is nearly the same.  The only real difference is price, warranty, and service - and Dental Accessories beats the competition almost every time.

The wireless torque driver is no exception.  This piece of equipment is light, reliable, easy to use, easy to clean, and allows for a better patient experience.  Dental Accessories offers a full 90-day money back guarantee, customer service from a real human over the phone, and a complete one year warranty!  What do you have to lose?



  • FDA Approved
  • Real-time torque monitoring
  • Low speed (20-100rpm) and high torque (10-35N)
  • Only 220 grams
  • Automatically reverse for easy removal of healing abutments
  • Intellectual chip for precision power transmission and operation system
  • A simple and direct latch chuck design with lowest malfunction
  • Brushless electric motor, long service life and stable torque output
  • Color screen

Electric Wireless Torque Driver

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