Do you need to take my measurements before I order these loupes?

No, we don't need to take your measurement because our loupes are fully adjustable! You can adjust the interpupillary distance and lens angle on the loupes. Also, you can attach them to your prescription glasses if you need to.

Are the glasses included with the loupes?

Yes, glasses (frame) are included with all of our loupes. Everything you see on the product photos is included in the order.

What does Student Set include?

Our Student Set model includes a set of 3.5x magnification flip-down loupe lenses and 3W led headlight.

What does Black Set include?

Our Black Set model includes a set of 3.5x magnification flip-down loupe lenses and 5W led headlight.

What does Pro Set include?

Our Pro Set model includes a set of 3.5x magnification flip-down loupe lenses and 5W led headlight with Filter.

Does the Filter affect the quality of the light to object(teeth)?

Of course it does but it eliminates the spectrum of light which causes unwanted photo polymerization. It should be used only when using photo initiated polymerization materials.

Can the loupes fit on corrective or prescription glasses?

Yes. You can attach loupes and headlight on your own glasses. Set includes clip on that you need to set everything up. It is very simple and intuitive.

How many hours does the headlight lasts after fully charged?

Headlight last one working day once it is fully charged (minimum 5 hours of active use).

What is the difference between 5W Headlight and 5W Headlight with Filter?

Benefit of having a filter is that it prevents early unwanted polymerization of light curing materials.

Should I choose 2.5X or 3.5X magnification?
We would recommend 3.5X magnification for dentists and 2.5X magnification for dental hygienist.
When will I receive my order?
We use Express delivery option on all orders. For more information check our shipping & delivery page. All orders include tracking number as well as notifications via email regarding order movement and delivery status.

 Can I cancel an order?

Yes. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of order placement. Send us an email within 24 hours and let us know the reason why you wish to cancel your order. All refunds will be process within 24-48 hours before the fund reflects on customer’s bank account.

Can I return the order?

Yes. We offer 30 days hassle free returns. Simply email us at support@dentalaccessories.org if you wish to return the product for any reason.