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Dental Accessories is an online store for all of your dental equipment needs. Our dental loupes, dental handpiece & more are made to be the ultimate combination of quality and affordability. We offer 90 days money back guarantee sitewide! Our customer support and our team consist of true experts in dentistry. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter

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For many years, we've noticed a growing trend in dental equipment industry: the cost of these items is skyrocketing. As professionals who want to offer quality care with affordable prices for our patients' budgets, it became clear that something needed changing--we couldn't keep up anymore! That's why we decided to change the game. That was when Dental Accessories was born.

Using our knowledge and experience in dentistry, we decided to make our own dental loupes. After 2 years our first prototype was born.

We tested it with many of our regulars and they attested to how good our dental loupes were and gave crucial feedbacks to help us improve on our designs. With that we went through many more iterations and finally came up with our final prototype.

We were committed to making sure that only high-quality dental loupes reach your hands. That’s why we partnered with several manufacturers and worked closely to develop the very best designs, keeping costs reasonable without sacrificing performance or quality for you!

After a years of hard work, we shipped our first dental loupes and headlight set. Since then, we've served thousands of customers worldwide and are proud that so many people rely on our products!