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ExtractBox™ - Implant Screw Removal Kit

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The ExtractBox™ - Screw Removal Kit is a universal dental implant screw removal kit that helps dentists to safely and efficiently remove broken screws from dental implants.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, the kit is designed to remove the fractured screw quickly and without damaging the implant.

This kit is compatible with various implant systems and is 134°C autoclavable, ensuring that it remains hygienic and ready for use in any clinical setting.



Used for surgically removing screws that have become fractured inside a fixture.

Reverse Drill

Used for making a hole on the fractured face of the screw, which will be used by the Screw Remover.

Screw Remover

Removes a fractured screw.

Shank Driver

Designed to be connected to the Screw Remover to allow the use of the hand, Torque Wrench, or Ratchet.


Perfect Guide & PG Hand Driver

Acts as a Guide for the Reverse Drill, used when the screw is fractured at the lower part of the female screw inside the Fixture.

Conical, Internal, External Guide

Acts as a guide when using the Reverse Drill. It is utilized when the Perfect Guide cannot be used or when the screw has fractured at a location deeper than 2 mm into the lower part of the female screw inside the fixture.

- SR Driver Holder

Easily attached to the fixture by connecting it to the 3.5 Double Hex part of the Conical, Internal, or External Guide.

Efficient Screw Removal in Just Three Minutes with ExtractBox™

Our advanced screw removal technology enables you to extract broken screws from implanted fixtures in as little as three minutes. With our specially designed kit, you can safely and efficiently remove a fractured screw from the fixture, without causing any unnecessary discomfort or delay. This minimizes the time required for the procedure.

Once the screw has been successfully removed, a new abutment can be attached to the fixture, ensuring a seamless restoration of the implant's function and appearance.

Remove Screws Quickly and Easily

Compatible with most implant systems, the ExtractBox™ Screw Removal Kit allows you to safely and effortlessly remove fractured screws in just 3 minutes.

ExtractBox™ includes:

  1. Claw
  2. Reverse Drill
  3. Screw Remover
  4. Shank Driver
  5. Perfect Guide & PG Hand Driver
  6. Conical, Internal, External Guide
  7. SR Driver Holder

Dentist-Recommended Kit for Removing Broken Implant Screws

ExtractBox™ is the only kit you need to remove a fractured or broken screw and salvage the implant, utilizing the reliable counter-torque and reverse screw technique.

Fully autoclavable

Our kit's components are designed for high-temperature sterilization up to 134°C, ensuring that they are safe for use on multiple patients. Although the sturdy plastic box is not autoclavable, it can be sterilized using various other methods such as steam sterilization or chemical disinfection. This ensures that our kit and its components remain clean and disinfected, providing optimal hygiene and safety. Our kit is also conveniently portable and ideal for use in clinical settings.

ExtractBox™ - Screw Removal Kit

The ExtractBox™ - Screw Removal Kit is a universal dental implant screw removal kit that helps dentists to safely and efficiently remove broken screws from dental implants.

What the experts say


I waited to use the kit before reviewing it, as I needed to remove a broken screw from a Strauman bone level RN. To my surprise, the screw was removed within 2 minutes! If you perform implant restorations, this kit is a must-have. Additionally, the customer service was fantastic and kept me informed about my delivery status. Thank you!

Dr. Peter M.

I recently had the opportunity to use the ExtractBox™ - Screw Removal Kit on a patient who had a broken screw. I was nervous at first, but the process was so effortless and straightforward. The kit has all the tools you need to remove the screw quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend this product.

Dr. Henry C.

The kit is reliable, effective, and easy to use. I've had multiple successful screw removals using this product, and I've recommended it to my colleagues as well. If you're looking for a high-quality implant screw removal kit, look no further than ExtractBox™.

Dr. Lizabeth W.

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Yes, ExtractBox™ is compatible with 99% of the dental implant brands available on the market. You can consider ExtractBox™ a universal dental implant screw removal kit.
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