Top 10 Dental Accessories That Every Dentist Needs

Top 10 Dental Accessories That Every Dentist Needs

Want to take your dental practice up a notch? Add some of these top 10 dental accessories to your list of equipment. 

Every dentist aims to provide the best care possible to their valued patients, and sometimes, this can mean investing in some dental equipments which helps you make your practice seamless and more efficient. So, here is our list of the top 10 dental accessories that every dentist needs.


1) Pro Set - Dental Loupes & Headlight

Well, this should not come as a surprise. Dental loupes are magnifying glasses that make your life as a dentist much easier. Our pro set is made for dentists and includes a 3.5x magnification flip-down loupe lense and a 5W headlight with a filter. In addition, our loupes have an antifogging coating which makes them a perfect addition to your set of dental equipment. 3.5x magnification makes locating root canals much more manageable and helps you create your restorative masterpiece. Moreover, you can attach these loupes to your own prescription glasses. 


2) Dental mirrors

Many dentists love to photograph their cases for patient's references and sometimes for themselves. This is where dental mirrors come to play. Some areas of the mouth cannot be directly visualized, and usual mouth mirrors aren't enough to carry out dental photography of such regions. This is where you can benefit from our set of 5 dental mirrors. Upgrade your dental photography skills with the help of our dental mirrors. These are shaped to perfection and easily fit into the mouth for a precise image formation. In addition, they can be efficiently cleaned and decontaminated by any sterilization procedure and are also safe for autoclaving. 


3) Cheek retractor

These c-shaped retractors come in three sizes and give you a perfect and unobstructed view of the oral cavity. Be it dental photography or performing a dental procedure, cheek retractors are a must-have and a blessing for dentists. 


4) Phone macro lens

Do not have the time for professional photography but want to click great before and after pictures? Do not worry; you can convert your phone into a professional-level camera with our super macro lens. These lenses are compatible with all phones and do a beautiful job capturing the details and nuances of your dental work. Our super macro lens has eight elemental coatings, which reduces glass flares caused by reflective surfaces. Add a macro lens to your list for perfect case documentation pictures. 


5) Intraoral contraster sets 

Intraoral photographic contrast allows dental photography with an intraoral black background. Our contraster sets provide a perfect contrast to the tooth structure and also eliminates unrequired components. These give you better and more professional photographs.


6) Digital X-ray

Save time and ensure that all your x-rays are in one place with digital x-rays and available software. Many dental practitioners do not believe in investing in beneficial software. However, having a proper soft can make managing dental practice and patient information much simpler and hassle-free.


7) Saliva ejector 

Saliva ejectors are a game-changer to ensure that you have a clean and dry working field, which is essential when using composites as cotton rolls are just not efficient. 


8) Portable dental instrument sterilizer 

Portable UV ray sterilizers are a great addition to the dental clinic. In situations where you do not have time for setting up an autoclaving machine. Portable sterilizers are a lifesaver.


9) Headlights with proper filters 

A dental loupe compatible headlight ensures you have proper illumination while performing delicate and technique sensitive procedures. In addition, suitable filters for headlights also prevent the early polymerisation of resins and gives you better restorative results.


10) CAD/ CAM 

Investing in a CAD/CAM will take your dental practice to its peak. With CAD/CAM, you can provide your patients with crowns, bridges, veneers, inlay, or onlays in a matter of hours. It makes the entire process seamless, and patients leave your clinic with a new smile on the same day.