3.5x Dental Loupes and 5W Headlight
3.5x Dental Loupes
5W Headlight
Black Set - Dental Loupes and Headlight
Dental Headlight
Dental Loupes
Black Set - Dental Loupes with Headlight

Black Set™

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Black Set™  3.5x

Our Black Set model includes a set of 3.5x magnification flip-down loupe lenses and 5W led headlight.
Including a clip to attach loupes on your own prescription glasses!
This anti-fog, easy-clean, clear-view powerhouse is perfect for locating canals in tricky endodontic cases or giving your composite masterpieces that extra bit of detail in your restorative work.


Magnification: 3.5X
Working distance: 420mm
Depth of field: 80mm
Field of View: 60mm
LED Bulb: 5W
Illumination: 15000-30000Lux
Continuous work time: 5h after charging
Lifetime of bulb: 10000h
Battery: Re-chargeable Li-ion
Input Voltage: AC100-240V / 50-60HZ