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RMS Corded 5W Headlight

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If you're looking for the lightest headlight with the brightest light, you just found it.


We've seen headlights with comparable features for thousands of dollars - but not at Dental Accessories. This headlight weighs only 12 grams which is about the same as 2 teaspoons of salt - pretty darn light. The light is super bright, the field of coverage is consistent, the color is great, and you can wear it all day. This system comes with two batteries and a beautiful case to hold everything together when you're not using it. Batteries life is good for full day use (depending on the intensity setting) and are quick and easy to recharge. The battery unit has a great little clip to attach to a belt or pocket and the wire from the battery to the headlight fits perfectly along the edge of your glasses with a pigtail. The light attaches to our loupes with a universal c-clip or a spring loaded pinch type holder.  

If you want a really great headlight that lasts a long time and is super light, this is the one for you.

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Part 2 - How to Adjust Loupe & Attach Light

How to Charge Your Battery

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