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RMS Cordless 5W+ Headlight

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Cordless lights are super popular!  No more cords and slick little batteries that attach magnetically - easy to love.


But there are also two common concerns. The first is that the cordless light is almost always going to be heavier than a corded light because the whole device, containing the battery and headlight, now sits on your loupes directly above your nose. In some cases, our customers think it's too much weight and over the course of a long day, it gets uncomfortable. This cordless light is the lightest one we sell, it's awesome and only weighs 34 grams - that's the lightest weight we could find for a cordless light. By comparison, the corded light is 12 grams and a stick of butter is 112 grams.

The second concern we hear about is the strength of the magnet on the battery. No one wants the battery to fall off during a procedure, that's for sure. This headlight includes the strongest magnet we could find and the battery is plenty secure to the headlight frame. But, as you get comfortable with this headlight on your glasses, you'll find that your muscle memory takes your hand directly to the on/off button.  But until your hand learns that motion, it's a bit clumsy and you need to be careful not to bump the magnet and cause it to fall off the frame. 
Overall, this headlight is plenty bright, the field of coverage is focused and consistent, the color is great, and it weighs only 34 grams. We love the magnet that holds the battery in place and you get two batteries and little case to hold it all together when you're not using it. Battery life is about 4-5 hours depending on which intensity setting you're using and the batteries really easy to recharge when not in use.

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