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We know that high speed handpieces are critical to your everyday procedures. That's why we wanted to provide a great quality, FDA-approved product with a 1-year warranty that doesn't break the bank. We searched high and low (no pun intended) and found this single piece turbine that generates it own light (rather than using a 6-hole connection) delivered through a Japanese fiber optic rod, has been tested on the infamous German balancing machine, and is relatively quiet. Many of the doctors we support use these as their daily go-to turbines while others keep a few handy as their primary back-up devices. Whichever is right for you, know that Dental Accessories stands behind its products and our US-based support team is available by phone, chat, and email.



Product Descriptions:

  • Germany bearings
  • Push Button Chunk System
  • Japanese Fiber optic rod
  • Quattro Water Spray System
  • Up to 380000 rpm
  • Autoclavble 135 degrees C
  • Noise Level: <69dB
  • Clean Head System
  • 1 year warranty
  • FDA Approved


Technical Details:

  • High speed handpiece: 3 way spray, 3 air 
  • Chunk type: push button
  • Bulb: LED light
  • Noise: <70dB
  • Air pressure: 0.25-0.28MPA (6hole)
  • Bur applicable: 01.59-01.6mmx21-23mm
  • Rotation speed: 300,000rpm
  • Bulb power: 1w
  • Work voltage: 2.9v-3.2v
  • Work current: 160mA

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