Illuminate Perfection: Experience LumFlex Elite

Step into a new era of dental illumination. The LumFlex Elite isn't just a tool—it's an investment in precision and clarity for every procedure.

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Dr. James Carlton

Dentist's Take: Discovering LumFlex Elite

Dr. James Carlton shares his firsthand experience upgrading to LumFlex Elite. Delve into the powerful light enhancements, game-changing magnetic batteries, and the unmatched convenience this tool brings to the modern dental practice. A must-watch for professionals seeking the best.

LumFlex Elite: Excellence in Every Detail

Enhanced Light Power: The transition from the standard to an upgraded 5W light ensures your workspace is illuminated with unparalleled clarity.

Magnetic Batteries: Say goodbye to unwanted breaks. The Elite's magnetic batteries ensure you can work continuously, charging one battery while using the other.

Weight Advantage: Designed with user comfort in mind. Weighing just 36 grams, it's light enough to forget it's there, but powerful enough that you can't work without it.

4 Power Modes: Tailor your lighting to the task at hand. From gentle illumination to full brilliance, every mode is a testament to versatility.

Improved Clip: No slips, no shifts. The Elite's clip ensures that once it's on, it stays on, making your work seamless.

LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter
LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter
LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter
LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter
LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter
LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter
LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter
LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter
LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter
LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter

LumFlex Elite™ - LED Cordless Headlight with Filter


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LumFlex Elite: The Future of Dental Illumination

Elevate your dental practice with the LumFlex Elite, where innovation meets functionality. Dive into endless operations with our standout feature: Dual Magnetic Batteries. Swap on-the-fly, charging one while utilizing the other, ensuring your procedures are uninterrupted. With a formidable 5W headlight, revel in unmatched brightness and clarity across 4 Power Modes. Seamless integration is the name of the game—our improved clip and easy click-on system fit any frame, prescription glasses, or loupes in mere seconds.

Weight? A mere 36 grams. But the impact on your practice? Immeasurable.

Key Highlights:

  • Dual Magnetic Batteries: Continuous work, zero downtime.
  • Enhanced 5W Headlight: Precision lighting for every procedure.
  • Feather-Light Design: Maximum comfort, minimum weight.
  • Upgraded Clip: Secured fit for seamless operations.

Unbox a revolution. Experience LumFlex Elite.

Every LumFlex Elite package includes two magnetic batteries and a rapid charger, ensuring you're always powered up and ready to shine.

See the Difference: LumFlex Elite's Impact in the Dental Realm

Ergonomics and Comfort: Dental professionals often work long hours. LumFlex Elite's lightweight design and user-friendly interface ensure you don’t feel burdened, even during those extended sessions. Plus, the magnetic battery system means you're not tethered or interrupted - you have a steady light source, always.

Boosted Efficiency: With the four power modes, adaptability becomes second nature. Whether you need gentle illumination or the brightest setting, LumFlex Elite is responsive to your needs, enhancing your workflow and overall efficiency.

Universal Compatibility: LumFlex Elite's design allows for a seamless and secure attachment to any frame – be it prescription glasses, loupes, or your favorite designer shades. No more wrestling with clunky straps or additional gadgets. Just pure, hassle-free integration tailored for the modern dental professional.

Dr. Alicia Reynolds, DDS

Never in the Dark: The Power of Limitless Operation

"When I first used the LumFlex Elite, I was blown away by the magnetic battery system. No more pausing my procedures or managing limited battery life. It feels like I've got a light source that just won’t quit. And that 5W LED clarity? Simply incredible. My practice has truly been elevated."

"I've been in dentistry for over a decade, and I've never come across a tool that balances power with comfort like the LumFlex Elite. The varied power modes ensure I'm ready for any challenge, and despite all its features, it's so lightweight that I sometimes forget I have it on."

Dr. Rajiv Patel, DMD

"Switching to the LumFlex Elite has been a revelation. The brightness and clarity from the 5W LED, combined with the promise of continuous operation, has set a new standard for dental headlights. It's not just about lighting up my workspace; it's about ensuring every procedure is executed with unparalleled precision."

Dr. Helena Williams, BDS

What's Inside the Box: LumFlex Elite Essentials

LumFlex Elite LED Headlight: Featuring a stronger 5W light for impeccable clarity.

Magnetic Batteries (x2): Guaranteeing non-stop operation, ensuring you're always ready for any procedure.

Durable Charger: Efficiently gets your headlight to full power in under 80 minutes.

LED Power 5W
LED Life Span 100,000 hours
Light Intensity 15,000 to 30,000 lux
Continuous Work 1.5 hrs (Max Intensity), 5 hrs (Standard)
Limitless with Dual-Battery Swap
Battery Cycles Over 700 full charges
Battery Specs 3.7V, 600mAh
Adjustable Modes 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%
Color Temp 5700K (Cool White)
Full Charge Time Under 80 minutes
Beam Quality Defined Circular Spot

Unbox a revolution. Experience LumFlex Elite.

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