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MK-Dent Contra Angles (Low Speed Handpieces)

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Interchangeable Prime heads
Developed for versatility,
Improved sustainability.

Developed for versatility, the interchangeable Prime Heads are time-saving and improve sustainability. Simply turn the tension ring of the contra-angle handpiece and choose between several drill heads for a variety of indications. Made out of stainless steel and coated with titanium for unmatched longevity.

Long-life gears
Class-leading precision,
excelling at every angle

At the heart of every outstanding contra-angle handpiece are exceptional gears. MK-dent Long-Life gears are engineered to excel at every angle, encouraging complete synthesis between dentist and instrument. Optimized for vibration-free performance thanks to improved torque ratio and class-leading precision.

Range of transmission
Simple to use technology,
for a variety of indications.

Standard gear design in contra-angle handpieces provides a constant speed ratio. Choose from a broad range of purpose-built transmissions, from 1:5 down to 14.8:1 ratio for a variety of indications as well as according speed and torque ranges. Simple to use technology, developed for what you do every day.

Iconic Prime body
Flowing curves,
striking proportions.

The unmistakable form of a Prime Line contra angle with flowing curves, striking proportions and supremely finished materials embodies pure elegance. The exterior features the iconic Prime Grip and an extraordinary scratch-resistant titanium surface with crystal structure. Your fingers will feel right at home.

Glass rod fiber optics
Color accuracy,
glare-free light.

Light is not always what it seems. In combination with MK-dent LED and Xenon motor couplings, available glass rod fiber optics provides 100 % glare-free light, bringing brilliance in the dark. With a color temperature of 5500 K, the glass rod is designed for color accurate illumination of the preparation area.


Features include:

- Interchangeable Prime heads
- Long-life gears
- Range of transmission
- Titanium coating
- Glass rod fiber optics



Standard Head

Ø 12.5 mm x H 14.3 mm head size
Push button back cap
Glass rod fiber optics with up to 40,000 lux
25 watt power
350,000 rpm non-load speed
55 dB sound level
4 asymmetrical mixed spray ports
Available for Kavo, Sirona, NSK, W&H coupling types
69 g weight

Small Head
Ø 10.8 mm x H 12.5 mm head size
Push button back cap
Glass rod fiber optics with up to 40,000 lux
18 watt power
420,000 rpm non-load speed
60 dB sound level
3 asymmetrical mixed spray ports
Available for Kavo, NSK, W&H coupling types
67 g weight

- Prime Line turbine
- Nozzle pin for maintenance of the spray outlets
- Dental brush for maintenance of the spindle
- Lubrication tools for maintenance of the cartridge and spindle

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