UltraVision™ - Japanese Technology meets Ergonomic Design


Introducing UltraVision Loupes: Your New Secret Weapon in Precision Dentistry

Tired of the one-size-fits-none approach of traditional loupes?

You're in good company.

Cumbersome adjustments and ill-fitting gear can slow down your workflow and distract from the precision your craft demands.

Not to mention the single light source that casts more shadows than a cloudy day.

It's time for a revolution...

Introducing UltraVision Loupes, the dual-headlight visionary that's setting new standards in adaptability and clarity.

Our loupes are a testament to innovation, offering a bespoke fit that feels like they were made just for you.

 They adapt flawlessly to your head size with supreme ease, ensuring you're always ready to dive into your work with zero delays.

Illumination that Outshines the Rest

It’s not just smart; it’s genius for your budget and a masterpiece of efficiency for your practice.

Shadowless lighting system

The binocular LED design banishes shadows from your work area, ensuring a fully illuminated field of vision.

Interchangeable magnifications

Swap with ease on the same frame: UltraVision Loupes range from 1.5X to 3.5X magnification, providing versatile viewing options for every precision task.

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Wireless battery

Experience the freedom of untethered efficiency with a wireless light and battery system that eliminates cumbersome cords.

160g in weight

Enjoy a dramatically lighter load with UltraVision Loupes, offering a neck-friendly design that's 78% lighter than conventional systems.


Unleash Precision with Seamless Flexibility

UltraVision Loupes are the epitome of intelligence and adaptability, designed to accommodate any head size with unmatched ease.

Tailoring the fit is a breeze, allowing you to kickstart your tasks with zero hassle.

A mere gesture is all it takes to raise the binocular lights, swiftly switching them off as needed.

In a matter of seconds, connect or remove the loupes, giving you the power to select the ideal magnification for every scenario. It's the smart way to optimize your vision without the extra expense of multiple magnification devices.

What’s in the Box – The UltraVision Advantage:

Magnification on Your Terms: Your selected magnification awaits, for a view that’s tailored to your exacting standards.

Always Ready: An extra battery means the power’s in your hands, all day, every day.

Travel-Ready Protection: Your loupes stay snug in their suitcase, ready to go wherever your skills are needed.Vision Guards:

Two light filters: stand guard to prevent early polymerization of light curing materials.

Easy-Peasy Charging: A charger that’s as simple as charging your smartphone. No fuss, all the power.

UltraVision Loupes
UltraVision Loupes
UltraVision Loupes
UltraVision Loupes
UltraVision Loupes
UltraVision Loupes

UltraVision Loupes


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UltraVision Loupes – Precision Optics for Dental and Surgical Excellence

Discover unparalleled clarity with UltraVision Loupes, the choice of top dentists, surgeons, ENTs, and detail-oriented professionals. Designed by industry-leading specialists, our loupes boast advanced Japanese technology, delivering outstanding detail and sharpness for the most precise tasks.

Product Features:

  • Magnification Levels: Choose between 2.5x and 3.5x to get a close-up view of your work without compromising comfort or field of view.
  • Lightweight Design: At just 89 grams, these loupes are designed for long-wearing comfort, reducing neck strain and fatigue.
  • Adjustable Fit: Tailor the interpupillary distance for a personalized fit, suitable for all face shapes and sizes.
  • Optimal Working Distance: A 420mm working distance allows for proper posture while maintaining a sharp, wide field of view.
  • Medium Field of View: Experience a perfect balance of magnified vision to efficiently work on intricate tasks.

Advanced Lighting Features:

  • Powerful Illumination: Each LED provides a bright 150,830+ lux, illuminating your work without casting shadows.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Equipped with a 2500 mAh lithium battery for an average of 5 hours of continuous work.
  • Convenient Charging: Easily recharge with a charger similar to a smartphone's, ensuring your loupes are powered up whenever you need them.

Versatility & Convenience:

  • Various Magnifications: With 2 different magnifications available, you can choose the perfect level for any procedure.
  • Wireless Freedom: Move around freely without the hassle of cords, enhancing your ability to work in any environment.
  • Binocular System: A shadowless binocular system ensures consistent lighting across the entire field of view.

What’s Included:

  • Your Selected Magnification: Customized to your specifications for perfect visual acuity.
  • Extra Battery: Comes with two batteries to ensure you always have a backup ready for extended sessions.
  • Protective Suitcase/Travel Case: Keep your loupes safe and portable with a durable travel case.
  • Two light filters: stand guard to prevent early polymerization of light curing materials.
  • Effortless Charging: One charger with an easy plug-in side hole for hassle-free battery charging.

Embrace precision with UltraVision Loupes and elevate your professional practice today.

Genuine Reviews from UltraVision Users

The UltraVision Loupes have transformed how I operate daily. The adjustable magnification and lightweight design mean I can work longer without fatigue. They're absolutely indispensable for my dental procedures!

Dr. Emily Tran

I've tried several loupes over the years, but none compare to UltraVision. The custom fit and easy-to-adjust settings make them perfect for long surgeries. Plus, the shadow-free LED light has made a massive difference in my precision.

Dr. Aaron Patel

Investing in UltraVision Loupes was one of the best decisions for my clinic. The ability to switch magnifications quickly and the cordless design have significantly boosted our efficiency and patient satisfaction. Highly recommend!

Dr. Sophia Martin

Technical Specifications

Key features:

• 2500 mAh lithium battery (5 hours of work on average)
• 160gr in weight
• LED power: 150.830+ (lux) for each LED
• 3 different magnifications available
• Wireless
• Shadowless binocular system


UltraVision™ - Japanese Technology meets Ergonomic Design

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