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 Key Features:

- FDA Approved
- Comes with 3 prophy tips
- Equipped with prophy angle and electric contra angle
- Forward and reverse easily changed from the ‘Select’ button
- Light and easy to use
- 350 degree rotate connector
- 3 hours of continuous operation, 16 hours of dormant battery life
- Easy charge in cradle
- Variable speed: 500-2500 RPM

Tired of Lugging That Air Hose Around - We Were Too!

Our staff used the traditional air driven prophy for years - we just dealt with it.  The cumbersome air hose, the strain on wrists and hands, and the lack of mobility were all common issues.  But now there’s a good alternative, the wireless prophy from Dental Accessories!


Why Choose the Wireless Prophy?

  1. Great Mobility - The wireless design allows for freer movement. No more tangled cords or limited mobility during procedures.

  1. Reliable Performance -  We were concerned about the effectiveness of the wireless vs. air-driven device.  However, we found the variable speed settings (500-2500 RPM) were more than sufficient and very easy to access directly on the handpiece.  We love the fact there’s no more foot pedal!  Consistent and adequate torque were concerns as well until we put the PMTC to use - certainly more than adequate for all of our procedures.

  1. Quiet Operation - Dental Accessories’ Wireless Prophy operates quietly, certainly quieter than our air-driven hand pieces.  There are enough scary noises in the office, this device is definitely a better experience for the patient.

  2. Easy to Clean - Cleaning is simple.  Throw out and replace the prophy tip.  Remove the rotating head and put in the autoclave.  Wipe down the handpiece - it’s that easy.  We recommend using a fully synthetic lubricant daily, also available through Dental Accessories.

  1. Long Battery Life - We turned it on and just let it run, and run, and run.  This device held its charge for 3 full hours and only took 3 hours to fully charge again.  When kept in the charging cradle between patients and overnight, we almost always have a full charge.

Embrace the future of dental hygiene with the Wireless Prophy. Experience the perfect blend of technology, comfort, and efficiency, and take your dental practice to the next level. Make the switch today and discover the difference a wireless device can make!

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