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We know that low speed handpieces are critical to your everyday procedures. That's why we wanted to provide a great quality, FDA-approved product with a 1-year warranty that doesn't break the bank. We searched high and low (no pun intended) and found this great combo set of both straight and contra angle handpieces with an air motor. Many of the doctors we support use these as their daily go-to turbines while others keep a few handy as their primary back-up devices. Whichever is right for you, know that Dental Accessories stands behind its products and our US-based support team is available by phone, chat, and email.



•    Simple to operate, fast to connect.
•    Internal spray, separated water and air supply tubing, better cooling system
•    Rotation speed: MAX 40,000rpm
•    Outstanding appearance with water drop pattern design, ergonomic shape
•    Dust-free cap on the head of straight handpiece, hygiene-friendly
•    Long lifespan by the Japanese ceramic ball bearing and self-lubricated system on the air motor, low- maintenance
•    1 year warranty
•    FDA Approved

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