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Ray-Ban Custom Loupes (TTL)

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Your Customized TTL (through the lens) loupe will be custom made per your specifications and mounted on a genuine RayBan Wayfarer Frame. Prescription Options Available.

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 Our built-in TTL (Through The Lens) loupes are customized for any individual and made in our lab in Buffalo, NY. Our TTL is available in a variety of magnifications on this genuine RayBan Justin frame!

Our 3.5 TTL Loupe offers a 3.0" Field of View and 3-4" depth of field.

The loupe is waterproof!! Just clean with soap and water and rinse under running water!  The optics have a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defect and the frame a 1 year warranty.

Do you wear glasses or ANY kind of reading correction?  If you would like to have your script put into the clear lens above the optics you will need to also purchase a Script for an only $180. Please send your script to and put your order number in the subject line. If you opt to only have the script incorporated into the optics there is no charge. You, however, will not have your reading correction if you look outside the optics. CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS at 720-295-2105.

We may ask for a picture, this allows us to better build the loupe for you according to your facial features. 

We will also need a couple of measurements from you : 

IPD - This is the measurement from the center of your face to each pupil.   This     measurement needs to be taken by an optometrist.   

WORKING DISTANCE - This is the measurement from the bridge of your nose to where your hands will be working while you are in a comfortable working position.

Please note:  The manufacture time on this loupe is 30-45 days.  You will receive an auto generated email stating that your order has shipped!

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